Name:Iris Stoner

Iris Stoner

Originally from New York, she moved to the Cayman Islands in 2005 after living in Beijing and then Hong Kong for 20 years, working as a journalist. While continuing to work in her profession in both newspapers and magazines in Cayman, she decided it was also extremely important to give something back to the community.

She joined Save Our Youth Foundation in 2007, first as an ordinary member, and then handling public relations responsibilities. After serving several years in that capacity, her outstanding performance and impeccable leadership skills garnered her with the Presidency of the SOY Foundation. During her tenure, in addition to supporting our existing programs, she spear-headed the inauguration of the SOY Achievement Medallion Awards, which recognizes Primary and Secondary students for their outstanding efforts in both school and the community. The goal is to encourage those students who may not be the highest performers academically, but deserve to be rewarded for their hard work.

Through my involvement with SOY, I hope to help improve the lives of the young people of Cayman, supporting them any way possible so they can grow into productive, confident members of society. I urge anyone interested in reaching out to our youth and effecting positive change in their lives to join the SOY Foundation. Get involved and make a difference, starting today!



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