Name:George Roper

George Roper

Much can be said about the enigmatic figure who, in 2005, founded the SOY FOUNDATION, but to understand his passion and drive, there are no better words than those of the man himself…

Letter from Founder

In 2005, when I decided to start the Save Our Youth Foundation to highlight and raise awareness to the issues affecting Cayman’s youth, I had no idea where it would take me, nor did I have any idea of the huge impact someone behind prison walls could have on a generation of young people.

Through the SOY FOUNDATION, I have an opportunity to help the youth of Cayman to better understand the importance of making positive choices in their lives, and to let them further understand that there are consequences for every action. As a young man, I made some negative choices, the consequences which are evident in my present state, having being incarcerated for almost twenty years. My mission and message, in its entirety, is to help the youth of Cayman to avoid making the mistakes I have.

I hope to inspire teenage girls and boys, especially those who find themselves in the most challenging circumstances, to discover their own self-worth and begin a process of reaching their greatest potential. Today’s youth are faced with vast challenges, but have unlimited potential. Save Our Youth Foundation intends to provide the youth of The Cayman Islands with the knowledge to lead meaningful successful lives contributing to Society in positive manner. There is no greater endeavor I can undertake than helping to to empower the youth of our beautiful islands to become the leaders of tomorrow and architects of their destinies!

My eternal gratitude and thanks to our members and supporters for growing with us as we encourage the youth of Cayman to realize they are not their circumstance but rather their possibilities.


George Roper


George’s positive outlook is contagious and influences all that come in contact with him… especially the youth of Cayman.




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