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SOY FOUNDATION is a non-profit, non-governmental, youth-empowerment organization. Our main aim is to provide the youth of our society a more stable future and improve their lives, while empowering them to be positive leaders, entrepreneurs, and law-abiding citizens who value society and themselves.
Your help is needed to ensure we are able to continue the programs we have implemented and services we provide to our endangered youth. With your donation, you too can have a positive impact on the Cayman Youth.

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Our Organization

George Roper

Much can be said about the enigmatic figure who, in 2005, founded the SOY FOUNDATION, but to understand his passion and drive, there are no better words than those of the man himself…
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Iris Stoner

Iris joined SOY in 2007, and after serving several years, her outstanding performance and impeccable leadership skills garnered her with the Presidency of the Foundation...
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  • I have 3 boys and 2 of them was giving me hell. I didn't know what to do till a friend suggested the SOY people. Now the boys are playing sports and start doing good in school. You guys at SOY are massive! Thanks a million.
    Keith M., Mechanic
  • The whole Island thanks you for what you are doing for our youngsters. It is really nice to see people get together for a cause as important as our youth. Keep up the good work!

    Samuel S., Entrepreneur
  • My son was skipping school and smoking weed with his friends, I was very scared for his future. SOY Foundation helped my child get back on the right track. Now he's doing great in school again and plays football instead of smoking. Thank you with all my heart.

    Mavis R., Homemaker
  • I have a daughter who was going down the wrong path, all she cared about was friends and parties. I got her involved with the SOY Foundation and her life has turned around. Her school grades went up and now she stays home studying instead of being on the road. Bless you SOY.
    Natalie S., Waitress



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